Updated Version – APRIL 2024

On our platform, you will find educational material in both English and Spanish. Please note that you will only be able to access the English courses through the English version of the platform, and the Spanish courses through the Spanish version.

1. What services does FuturED offer?

FuturED is an online learning platform that produces academic content in English and Spanish. Its services are mainly online and significantly focus on sustainability, operating 96% paperless. 

2. How can I register for courses or events?

To access the educational material, students must register by completing the form and following the steps below:

- Go to https://futured.org.uk/

-  Select "Subscribe".

- Create a new account as a new student.

- Pay the subscription or enter the promotional code. 

-Complete all the data to finish the procedure. 

You can follow the tutorial below:  


3. What financing or scholarship options are available? 

If you wish to obtain a grant, please write to us at info@futured.org.uk

4. Are certificates issued at the end of each course?

At the end of each course, students receive the corresponding certificate of attendance and passing of the course, according to the information the student entered in his/her profile. 

5. Can the certificates be used for studies at a university?

The acceptance of attendance and passing certificates generated by FuturED depends on each university's specific policies. It is recommended that you check directly with the institution of interest.

6. Which organisations certify the courses?

FuturED and different academic organisations and institutions endorse each course. The certificates issued upon completion and passing each course are certified by FuturED and the organisation endorsing that particular course.

7. Do students have to take assessments or exams for each course?

The courses in our catalogue may include evaluations. In longer courses, the assessments are done in several stages, while in short courses or masterclasses, the assessment occurs at the end. The results are provided immediately. 

8. What kind of material is in our catalogue?

Our courses and masterclasses offer audiovisual material and, in certain cases, bibliographic resources for consultation, exams and forms.

9. Do the courses and masterclasses grant university credits?

The courses and masterclasses do not directly award university credits. Each university decides whether to accept them as credits.

10. In which languages are FuturED courses and masterclasses available?

The courses and masterclasses are available in English and Spanish. In our catalogue, you can select the desired language through the language switch option on our website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@futured.org.uk