Users enrolling in a Course – or other product –  must agree that they will: 

  • Register for only one account, unless FuturED expressly allows registering or the use of additional accounts.
  • Not let anyone else use your username and/or password.
  • Be honest, and supportive, constructive, and respectful with other users.
  • Not share personal details with other users, or ask other users for theirs
  • Complete all tests and assignments on your own, unless collaboration in the Course is explicitly permitted.
  • Not make answers to assignments available to anyone else (unless the assignment allows sharing answers).
  • Not engage in any other activities that will dishonestly improve your results or dishonestly improve or hurt the results of others.
  • Not post answers to problems that are being used to assess user performance

Any violation of this code may result in the following: 

  • Access to all or part of the FuturED services being suspended, disabled, or terminated.
  • Receiving no credit for an assignment.
  • Revocation of the certificate earned in the course.
  • Being unenrolled from a course or program.

No refunds will be issued in the case of any action for violations of this Code of Honour.