Empowering Women's Rugby in Argentina: An International Project by FuturED and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

On Monday 22nd January, FuturED had a meeting with the Foundation of Princess Charlene of Monaco to evaluate the first year of the Rugby Project. In November 2022, FuturED and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation entered into a three-year agreement for the promotion and development of women's rugby in Argentina. This project also serves the dual purpose of supporting the education and career development of the players.

Project Scope

The project supports the development of three women's rugby teams, along with volunteer coaches and technical support. It directly impacts eighty girls and young women, while indirectly affecting more than 300 girls from children and juvenile categories and their families.

The project's design aligns with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, with a special focus on SDG 3 "Good Health and Well-Being," SDG 4 "Quality Education," SDG 5 "Gender Equality," and SDG 17 "Partnership for the Goals."

Known as the "Programme International de Soutien et de Développement du Rugby Féminin" (International Project of Support and Development of Female Rugby) in French, the project unfolds in seven phases from March 2023 to March 2026.

FuturED and Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation Tournament

In December 2023, the first FuturED and Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation women's rugby tournament took place at Taborin Rugby Club, in the centre of Argentina, specifically in the Province of Córdoba. Three teams from the project organised the event, inviting two more clubs to join.

The tournament included "Juveniles and Pre-Juveniles" and "Plantel Superior" categories, drawing a large crowd on a sunny day. The three clubs involved in the development programme completed their first year with positive results both in sports and the social impact on young players who joined during the 2023 season.

Further Initiatives

In September 2023, FuturED announced the organisation of the annual International Charity Gala "Education for Sustainability" in partnership with the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. Part of the funds raised from the gala will be allocated to the project, helping mitigate the inflationary consequences of the project in Argentina.

As of January 2024, confirmation has been received for the attendance of guests representing various institutions at the gala.