FuturED is featured on National Geographic

London, 30 October 2023 – Last week, our organisation, FuturED, and our Founder and Managing Director, Juan F. Dávila y Verdin were featured in the world prestigious magazine National Geographic. 

Originally published in Spanish language under the title: “La llave de Londres: Un reconocimiento de origen medieval que llega hasta nuestros días” (“The Freedom of the City of London: a medieval recognition that survives to this day.”). The article highlights: 


After completing his studies in his country of origin and also in Europe, Dávila y Verdin focused his mission on raising awareness about the state of sustainable development in Latin America, where he saw enormous potential in untapped natural resources due to a lack of knowledge or studies.

By training individuals, these resources could be managed effectively, creating new development systems for countries. Therefore, for this entrepreneur it was important to guarantee access to quality education.

Thus, it created a digital platform called FuturED academy, committed to sustainability education, which was launched in 2021 and has received support from the United Nations and the SME Climate Hub.”

The National Geographic magazine was founded in 1888, in Washington, D.C., United States. Since 2019, it is part of the Walt Disney Company. The main topics covered are related to physical and human geography, history, archaeology, environmental issues, deforestation, chemical pollution, global warning, and many other topics related to our world. The magazine has been published in Spanish language since 1997.  

Certainly, this mention is a very important step that encourages us to continue to work towards education and sustainability.