Vibeke Brask Thomsen is Danish and was raised in France, Monaco and Switzerland. She is a working mum of four young children, who are each great inspiration for the nature of her work. Vibeke holds a Master in Public Policy and a Master in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Michigan, USA, and worked for many years in Brussels on security, disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation.

She is passionate about justice and equality. Her understanding of the effects of gender inequality came when working with women in post-conflict societies, and it is from these experiences that she decided to start her own non-profit organisation (NGO) to work towards the goal of making gender equality a reality.

Vibeke founded SheCanHeCan in 2011 (formerly known as GenderHopes). With SheCanHeCan, she aims to address the inequalities that we witness every day and works to promote equal representation, equal salaries, equal access to education and jobs for all. She hopes to challenge stereotypes so that every person can realise their full potential independent of their gender.

Vibeke is also a Board Member of the Global Diplomatic Forum, London, and a Member of the Global Advisory Council of the Akilah Institute for Women, Kigali.

You can contact Vibeke via: