Pablo Corroto Pradillo is an experienced Architect having graduated from the  Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM) and in Advanced Architecture in Ecological Structures at Institute of Advanced Architecture (IAAC-UPC). With an imaginative and analytical personality that delivers strong projects and graphics throughout the project planning and implementation process. Demonstrated experience in working on international projects with cross-cultural teams, in many countries such as Spain, Japan and China. Perhaps the only Spanish man alive who can keep pace with the Japanese work schedule or Chinese “business way”. High-pressure situations and tight deadlines are his everyday routine while retaining his cheerful state of mind and fashion sense, is super quick to sell whatever you give him to sell. Architecture for him is a means of investigating the development of cultures, influencing social behaviour while having the priority on the engineering and functionality component of its application, without forgetting the importance of entrepreneurship and the sale of a profitable product for both a commercial promoter and a private-public client.