FuturED participates in Chile, of the 3rd Latin American Regional Conference, COEDU22

London, 20 November 2023 - Last 23 October, Juan F. Dávila y Verdin, FRSA, CEO of FuturED, participated in the 3rd Regional Conference on Education towards the twenty-second century.

COEDUXXII is a project of the Caserta Foundation, which this year was held in partnership with the Andrés Bello University and the Prem Rawat Foundation.This initiative has the collaboration of Harvard University and is under the sponsorship of UNESCO, with the aim of addressing the challenges of education towards the 22nd century, through panels on integral education, socio-emotional education and intercultural education.

The meeting, which took place in Santiago de Chile, generated technical working groups between different professional experts in education, to generate documents that demonstrate the challenges and needs of education today, present relevant experiences of education in the 21st century and propose recommendations, guidelines and proposals for decision-makers. 

All these initiatives seek to have an impact on the educational world, presenting the documents to decision-makers, in order to provide concrete proposals for public policies and therefore improve the education of the future.

In the case of this year's edition, the objectives were to advance Ibero-American reflection on the deepening of the post-pandemic education crisis and the required paradigm shift, and to reach a consensus on basic agreements and measures to be implemented at the regional level as a guiding path.

The participation of our CEO in this event supports the need to encourage spaces of  reflection and collaboration that are necessary for the construction of a better future.

By FuturED